Pursuing the Happiness

Everybody is looking for happiness. People have many ways to attain this value. Many ways but the reason is the one – they all want to have better life than they have now and as often as not it is not just material things – it is just a way to achieve the feeling of happiness. These things can give the excitement and satisfaction for some time, until people used to them. After, they again need something new to extend the feeling. So life is like pursuing the feeling of happiness.

The biggest part of people all over the world will say you that happiness for them is to love and to be loved. But how many people are miserable because of love? How many of them suffer everyday because of loneliness or unshared feelings? How many of them were betrayed by their lovers? How many people had stopped living because of love? Millions…

But many of them are miserable just because of their diffidence. They think that they are not beautiful, bright enough, have bad voice, smile, not skinny, have big/small ears/nose/bust or just not in a good place. It is crazy in some way, really! I think all of us know people that have usual appearance but they are wonderful and many people are going crazy because of them. Isn’t it a good argument? They believe in themselves, develop their talents, going to the targets, doing things to reach what they want to, they create, they smile, they live full life and they love themselves! They are persons! That’s why other people love them and want to be with them! Doing nothing, waiting for a miracle or for something that will change their life, appearance, thoughts, behavior means going down and just developing all bad things that are already here.

These thoughts came to me after watching 2 movies – Russian one (“В ожидании чуда“=”Expecting for a miracle”) and American (“Angel A”). They touched these themes in a different way but the main idea is that one I wrote about. If you are interested in these themes and some other, maybe more important, watch “Angel A” – it is easy and pretty good.

The happiness is in your heart! Believe in yourself, love yourself and enjoy yourself!

This is the easiest and at the same time the hardest way to attain the happiness.

Follow your heart, your passion and your dreams!!!


Play the game, develop your vocabulary and help people in need at the same time!!!

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After you have done FreeRice for a couple of days, you may notice an odd phenomenon. Words that you have never consciously used before will begin to pop into your head while you are speaking or writing. You will feel yourself using and knowing more words.

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fre rice


Find your dream and start to attain it

It is amazing to dream and make your dreams come true. Don’t you think so? Sometimes people just saying that they can do everything for their dreams but when it is time to do, to come, to make a decision they are always far away this and have many reasons not to follow their words. They think that it would be a better time to start, to come, to listen to, to read – doesn’t matter what.

Sometimes people stop dreaming. Teachers, parents, guys from TV and other are killing children’s dreams and they stop believe in them and to themselves too. It is awful! We must live with dreams in mind, heart and follow it, making it come true all the time.

I checked both sides of this. My dreams were sometimes too deep inside me I think ’cause I didn’t believe to myself enough to reach them, to make them true and thought just about easy things, more often about private life and traveling, but not future at all. Sometimes my thoughts were about the future but not under right visual angle or I’ve been waiting for something that will push me to some way that will be for me, but I wouldn’t do much for this – like it depends on case and not on me so much. Strange but it was like this. And I know many people are living like this all the time. Sometimes I thought that I know what to do and what I want exactly. But there were always some reasons and things that kept me almost at the same place or I’ve been moving very slow doing things in a right way but like I am a pregnant woman, maybe ))) Or it was just desire but no idea what to do and how to do. The other side is that after all I gave a birth to my dreams and some things that happened helped me to see more than I saw before and the visual angle has changed too.

It starts in spring. This spring and then summer gave me more than I expected but in some way not enough what I wanted to have. Maybe being dissatisfied with this I changed the point of view. But it was me who took the choice – not somebody or some circumstances. And now the road of my life doesn’t seems to be deep in mist for me like it was before. Maybe I can even say that the decision brings feelings to me nearly like being in love with somebody. This is being in love with your choice and life. I think it is wonderful.

Where am I going to? This is the question. But I know the answer.

Whatever you want

Life is running and it depends on you will it just be or be awesome. Do, do everything you want. Do whatever you want and go wherever you want. Let people tell and think that you are crazy, that you are just playing games and you are the ordinary man and it is not in your abilities, power to reach things you wish. It their choice. Your choice is to move to your aim. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow and sometimes very slow but never give up. Never. Go and do.

I like my choice and want to do everything for this. I know it is hard but I know I will get over every problem I will face. Because I have the power and desire, because I have my feelings shining brightly, because I have my family and friends, because… just because. Because of me. Sometimes it is very hard to keep your confidence in this. But you must do it. If not – you would never reach things you want and all your rest life will be just complaining about unfairness life, bad people, greedy politics and time shortage. I don’t want be like these people. It is me. I follow my dream and it is just a question of time – when it come true.

I want to go to a beach now. I think I can hardly live without it and ocean, sun… It became a part of my life so deep inside me and I can’t fight with it. I love it. And it is hard to kill your love in heart. And I’m not going to do this. It is just one more thing (maybe one and main) to reach all my goals in life and live next to the ocean or sea with a smiling sun, strong or slight rain, wild wind, gorgeous mountains, unforgettable forests and lakes and freedom in the air…

We are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. And I work for this.

Things to say about me for now

It is better to start now and stop delaying. Life is moving very fast so it is no time all the time and things are getting old in a moment changing with others.
What am I doing now and what for is it? It is the main question. You know – you do. You don’t know – you doing nothing.
I am growing. I am going to do great things. Seems for me sometimes that I’ve been waiting for them for a long and now decide. Not at all but still. Ideas are everywhere. I am just catching them, examine and choosing what I am really need now and in future. I love doing this. Do you?
So… I am growing as all of us. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Suppose that now is my fast period of developing myself. I started many things and feel the power to manage it. In a word it is developing some skills and getting new information. That’s enough for now.
Why English? ‘Cause it is the best way to write not only for myself but for others too – the aim is to share thoughts. All educated people must to know English I think and almost all my friends do. It is the international language and it helps to share thoughts not just with russians. That’s why I like it and doing this way.
Time is passing by… Everybody know this. Tik-tak, tik-tak… Do you care about minutes that are wasted for nothing? That are spent not useful or didn’t bring good emotions? I care. Sometimes I thought that I can’t change this and a part of my time is becoming a waste. Now it is not so. I can have rest, I can work – still it’s useful or brings pleasure. So it is good for me.
What else… I have changed. There are people that indirectly and accidentally helped me to change myself . And also it is my work – like I’ve been looking for this and found like a treasure finally or like a flash of inspiration came to me, but sometimes these changes came unwanted and unexpected, and for the first time I didn’t notice them. So, it is people. We are changing and developing or regressing. And it must be your choice to grow if not and you are living unconscious it could be only regressing. This is my opinion. Do you have the other?
Think that’s enough for today. Too many things to say, but not enough time as usual. Still time can be our friend, just start having this desire and help the friendship to develop.

The quotations of life

  • Be yourself – other roles are occupied already. Oscar Wilde
  • Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss
  • Every person, all the events of your life are drawn there because you have them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you. Richard Bach
  • Follow your way and let people tell what they want. Dante Alighieri
  • Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Lucille Ball
  • You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however. Richard Bach
  • Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but that mark of a fake person. Richard Bach